Kids Church Design at South Plains Church

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kids Church Design at South Plains Church

Playing off of the "shrunk the kids" movie, this theme includes a science lab-run-amok, with the blaster oversizing everything!

We have been totally blessed to work with the team at South Plains Church in Levelland, TX. 
We love this theme and if you're close to Levelland, drop by the church, get to know this awesome group of people and see their space in person!

Check-in is clearly identified and themed to match!
Uh oh! The blaster is out of control!
Now THAT'S a big ant! Notice the crisp, digital artistry detail.
By using a lower wainscot, the top portion of the wall is painted with simple airbrushed clouds.
That's one hungry frog!
The theme is carried down low (wainscot) by the grass blades.
If you like the look of this project and want to find out more about our digital work, just contact us and we'll chat about how we can work with your church!


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