New Around-the-World Theme at Calvary Life!

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Around-the-World Theme at Calvary Life!

We're excited about the newly completed around-the-world theme for the new Calvary Life children's building! This is an amazing digital project from Worlds of Wow that incorporates electronically-produced artwork that is applied via wallcovering to create seamless scenes.

The project also included creating an new youth area called "The Loft" that needed a more mature, urban feel. The result is a photorealistic urban look and feel!

The building is almost ready, with final elements like carpet and furniture being added after we finished theming. Take a photo-tour of our installation and see samples of hallways, check-in and classroom themes below:

A boy and a parakeet greet kids at check-in. 
From Brazil to India. 
From Kenya to China.
A young boy and his boomerang in Australia.
Elementary Check-In is ready to board for the trip!
A hallway vignette leads parents and kids to Calvary Life's Check-in. 
A faux finish that looks like rivets and brick on this wallcovering!
Rounding a corner to the Youth area beings the transition to an urban feel.
"The Loft" is Calvary Life's area for teens.
If you want to find out more about our digital work, just contact us and we'll chat about how we can work with your church!


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