A Little Bit of Theming and Play Goes a Long Way!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Little Bit of Theming and Play Goes a Long Way!

Theming and Play Make a Difference

There are many avenues for a church to connect with the local community and increase attendance. It is often said that if kids are happy, mom and dad are happy. By creating an inviting environment for preschool, elementary and student ministries, more children will want to attend, more families will feel valued by the church and your ministry will grow. 

"We experienced a 35% increase in overall attendance. The increase is attributed to the new facility environment which includes spaces, great decor, state-of-the-art security/check-in system and a super location."
- Ruth Charlson, Second Baptist Baytown

"It is not an uncommon sight to see families taking pictures of their children by the scenes. This has helped changed the attitude of workers and parents alike in a positive way."
-Mark Harrison, Spring Baptist Church

For both newly-constructed and remodeled churches, we have seen space dedicated to children's areas increase dramatically over the past several years. Simply said, a visible investment in your children's ministry sends a tangible message to your community that you care about kids and families. It's a testimony of the church commitment to their children. Churches across the country are creating dramatic, engaging environments for this very reason. Based on recent years' data, these churches are reporting incredible results, including doubling and triple-digit growth. Some have reported doubling their kids' attendance in a single year as a direct result of their children's ministry. In a nutshell, themed areas and play features lead to a growth in regular attendance and subsequent increases to membership.  

Churches across the country have proven that one of the best ways to minister to families and adults is through their kids. These churches are building children's ministries that create a buzz, cause a "Wow!" and successfully attract new guests. As the old saying goes, "You never get a second chance at a first impression." What message does your church send to your first-time guests? 

Contact us today to get started on your ridiculously, cool, fun environment for kids and families!

"TK'S Place is a unique facility that will simply make your jaw drop and say WOW. Worlds of Wow created this amazing environment that will help our children's ministry attract families throughout the lake area. There is nothing like this in Southwest Louisiana."

- Dawn Brand, Preschool Minister at Trinity Baptist Church


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