Where to find Inspiration for your Children's Area

Monday, January 16, 2017

Where to find Inspiration for your Children's Area

Toddler Play Area with 3D Sculptures and 2D Appliqués

We have a talented crew here at Worlds of Wow to help translate your visions and ideas to paper; if you're looking for some inspiration, we have a few places in mind.

1. Amusement Parks – What creates the sense of excitement when you’re there? Sounds? Smells? How do they direct you to each attraction? What rides are the most popular and why? What peripheral activities attract kids? 

2. Children’s Museums – Interactivity is king here. Note the play features that draw kids and why. How can you incorporate similar type gadgets and gizmos for kids to interact with each week? 

3. Other Churches – See the newly built facilities and others that have been remodeled? What can you incorporate? It’s also helpful to see a few different denominations to get some different perspectives. 

4. TV – Watch a few of the shows that the kids are watching. What are the backdrops? What media are they using? Colors being used?

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Multi-purpose room in Youth Area

Children's Check-in kiosk

Confession Kiosk for Children's Area

Children's Check-in area and help desk

Children's Play Unit with soft play elements and slide

Signage for KidzRock Cafe

Scenically Treated wall with 2D Appliqués and 3D structures

Stage theming for Youth area

Rock Wall for Children's Area


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