What to Consider When Theming Your Children's Area!

Monday, January 2, 2017

What to Consider When Theming Your Children's Area!


As you are working with your teams, it is important to keep security at the front of your conversations. Being able to control access is important. As parents walk through your hallways, they are looking around your environment and deciding if they think their kids will be safe. Relying on our experiences with other churches, we can evaluate places in your spaces that should be addressed. It may take moving a door or adding an entry point in a different spot - no need to worry -we can help!

Traffic Flow

Maintaining exit and entry points are crucial. We know cramped hallways can lead to unhappy folks! How do you maintain great traffic flow without creating bottlenecks? It may be easier than you think. We can look at your space, crunch some numbers and work out a plan. Our art department can create themed directional signs for your entire building that will help with traffic flow while adding high interest elements to your spaces.

Here are a few questions to share with your team...

How can we improve the level of security in our space? 
What can we do to improve the traffic flow in the hallways? 
What are some improvements we can make to the signage? 

Contact us today in order to start theming your children's ministry and student areas safely and effectively!


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