7 Keys to Reaching Young Families by Pastor Jeremy Wallace

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

7 Keys to Reaching Young Families by Pastor Jeremy Wallace

Most churches and pastors I know want to reach young families. But how is that done? Here are 7 keys to help your church reach young families.

7 Keys to Reaching Young Families

1- Pursue Quality and Professionalism

The average young family is accustomed to quality everywhere they go. It is a part of their world. They go to doctors who are professional and have a high standard of quality. They take their kids to daycares and schools where quality and professionalism is expected. They do business with companies who are characterized in this way.
It is no wonder that they have come to expect churches to meet this same standard – and they should. Churches who care about reaching young families cannot settle for low quality in facilities or ministries.

2- Engage Them Online

This is nothing new, but churches who ignore their websites, social media, and other online avenues of engagement are missing a wonderful opportunity to connect with young families. This may take some effort and an organized strategy, but it is worth the effort.

3- Prioritize Children’s Ministry

Young families will probably have young children. A church that minimizes the importance of children’s ministries and facilities for children are subtly communicating that they really don’t care about reaching young families. Having a quality nursery and quality nursery workers is essential. If you desire to reach young families, ministries to children must be a priority.

4- Get Involved in the Community

Young families are not interested in simply coming and sitting in a pew each week. They want to be part of a church that goes out into the community and is concerned with making a difference. If a church simply goes through the motions of church, refusing to get involved in the community, they will not be a place young families will want to land.

5- Understand the Challenges They Face, Then Adjust When Possible

Young families face challenges, as do all people in all age groups. In an attempt to reach young families, be considerate of the challenges they face. For instance, if your church wants to see an increased involvement of young families in a particular ministry of the church, it would not be wise to have the ministry start late in the evening. Why? Young families are focused on getting their kids ready for school and in bed at a decent hour.
Adjustment may not always be possible, but when it is, making those adjustments communicates that you care about the challenges young families are facing.

6- Put Them in Positions of Leadership

Young adults have insights that are valuable and helpful. Failing to put them in positions of leadership communicates that you really don’t think they have much to offer.
Perhaps you have offered positions of leadership to them and they have declined. The next point may be why.

7- Focus More on Doing and Less on Meeting

Young adults are not interested in sitting in committee meetings discussing ministry. To them that is an unnecessary waste of time. They are willing to serve, but they are not interested in going through hours of meetings about serving.
Meet less and serve more and you will see the involvement of young families increase.
These are just a few ways that churches can intentionally reach out to young families. Do you agree? What are some other thoughts you have? Please comment below.


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