Worlds of Wow Dental Designs

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Worlds of Wow Dental Designs

Worlds of Wow creates and installs incredible, over the top themed environments, 3D logos, and amazing play structures for the pediatric dental industry as well as Churches, YMCA'S, Family Entertainment Centers, and Military. This includes waiting room lobby's, check in desk areas, examination rooms, signage, and external facade 3D signs and logos.

Worlds of Wow also specializes in indoor & outdoor play units. One aspect of Worlds of Wow is that they can do both indoor, outoor , soft play units along with full theming of your space including 3D characters & elements, airbrushing, digital wall coverings, signage, pretty much if you can think of it, they can do. 

Utilizing our years of experience and custom solutions we want to be a partner for you in the very competitive pediatric dentist field. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential and have every patient enjoy the experience of coming to your practice.


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